In a series of five short podcasts-with-pictures, political journalist Peter Geogheganlooks at the state of reconciliation and peace-building in Northern Ireland, finding some examples of great work at street level, often with former foes now working well together.  Yet they face major problems, much of it due to the failure of leading politicians to make the same efforts to work together and in particular the failure to implement much of the Good Friday / Belfast Agreement.  Much of the content of these reports will astonish people outside N Ireland, and maybe some who live there too - peace requires more than just an end to the bombs, beatings and assassinations.

Peace mural in West Belfast

The reports were financially supported by the N Ireland Community Relations Council, though the views expressed in them are not necessarily those of the CRC.  They are being hosted on various sites including:

Visualised podcasts, "Lessons from the Peace-lines", on YouTube:

episode 1;  episode 2episode 3episode 4episode 5

Audio-only podcasts, all 5, on Soundcloud:

Producer: Mike Hally