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Submitting ideas "on spec"

Please do not send us detailed programme proposals without contacting us first, and to avoid wasting our time and yours please read the following guidance even before you do that.

We do not make television or film

We do not make drama *

We do make radio features and documentaries, often with a strong original historical element, and we make science programmes for Radio 4. However we discourage unsolicited programme ideas and proposals because if we are already thinking of something similar then you'll think we've stolen your idea! We usually have enough ideas of our own for the limited number of slots available to us, and there are already many more experienced broadcasters wanting to work with us than we can accommodate.

We did produce some readings for the afternoon slot on Radio 4, but not currently and we did not in any case accept unsolicited stories, so please do not send us any. See Ęthe Writers RoomĘ on the BBC website if you want to offer an unsolicited manuscript.

If in spite of our efforts to put you off you are still determined to offer us an idea then please send a very brief email summarising it in general terms only!

* note: to see which independent production companies are approved to do drama, readings etc for Radio 4, go to this BBC website commissioning page and download the two documents entitled ¨independent producers producing for Radio 4¨ and ¨Radio 4 slot matrix (independents)¨. The latter document has a rather odd title but it is useful because it shows which indies are approved for which slots (eg drama producers)

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